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Hey There

I'm Erin Crowley, an ambitious ex-professional ballerina and personal trainer who decided she wanted to help like-minded individuals with their ballet goals.

Be Ballet Fit was set up in January 2022  with services such as 1-1 ballet strengthening, 1-1 flexibility coaching and audition preparation. All services are done online in the comfort of your own home. 

So far I have helped individuals improve on their pointe work, reach their flexibility goals and successfully audition for National Youth Ballet and The Royal Ballet School Associates. 

"As a parent, I always want to support my daughter's ballet and I know strength and flexibility are important but I don't know how much to push a young body.  The way you watched her move and then tailored the exercise to her needs was reassuring and gave me the confidence to work with her at home." 


"I enjoyed the lessons and the exercises were helpful, especially when corrections of my technique were highlighted so I could improve in the right way"

About Me & What I Offer

I studied vocationally at the Young Dancers Academy in London before moving to Glasgow at 16 to continue my training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in association with Scottish Ballet. Here I trained alongside dancers from around the world partaking in Ballet, Contemporary, Choreography and Strength and Conditioning classes.

During my final year of study, I was offered a contract at The State Opera Ballet Ruse and moved to Bulgaria within a month of receiving my offer. Whilst performing as a professional I completed my degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and graduated with a BA in Modern Ballet in 2018.

I remained working for the State Opera Ballet Ruse for another year but realised that working in a ballet company was not for me. I knew that my real passion lied in helping others achieve their goals and I moved back to the UK just before the pandemic hit.


I started teaching ballet and fitness classes tailored to dancers. I became a qualified personal trainer and enrolled university to pursue my interest in sports nutrition.

To put it simply, I’m a person with big dreams and a HUGE ambition to share the knowledge and lessons I have learnt over the years to help YOU succeed and reach your GOALS.


Do you feel your child could benefit from some extra help, do you have big ambitions or an audition lined up, or do you just feel a couple of tips and tricks from a professional might be all you need? 

Well, I am here to help!

Get in touch below and start your journey with me today







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